We will not only meet your baby’s basic needs but nurture and stimulate them as they go through each new stage of development. At the end of each day parents will receive a Daily Chart explaining how your little ones day went. Things like when they were diapered, what they ate, how many bottles they drank and when they drank them, when they napped and comments on their disposition will be on their chart.

Our older infants are encouraged in large motor activities such as walking, running, climbing and jumping. Our classroom is equipped with climbers and slides. Outside we have a wonderful playground just for that age of discovery. To encourage small motor development they have their first experiences with paint, glue, puzzles and blocks. And we mustn’t leave out FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! Wholesome snacks are just the things to master eye hand coordination. Our little ones receive lots of hugs, kisses and tender loving care.

Age:  6 weeks to 18 months

Cost: The cost for childcare is based upon the room in which your child is enrolled. A fee schedule is available upon request.