In the Green Room (Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten Room), as our pre-schoolers are working on their cognitive development, simple math concepts are expounded upon. At the classroom Computer Center, early education learning programs are used throughout the week and science is studied by discovering our environment (For example: Do you know who lives under a rock?) The children are now refining their small motor skills as they learn to write their "NAMES" and "NUMBERS". 

All this is incorporated into the theme for that week, with stories, discussion (circle time) and crafts as a part of each day. Both our Green and Blue Rooms have learning centers with activities available for the children to choose from; each room has a Reading Center, a Block Center, a Science Center, and a Housekeeping and Dramatic Play Center. The children have a large playground with a track for riding bikes and trikes. They have swings, climbing units, a huge sand box and lots of space for running and jumping. 

Age:  3 years to Kindergarten

Cost:  The cost for childcare is based upon the room in which your child is enrolled. A fee schedule is available upon request.