In the BLUE ROOM (Toddler's Room), we now play together with our friends, and we are learning to share and respond to each other’s requests, we "USE OUR WORDS". This room also has large motor climbing equipment, as we are still developing those biceps. Reading is part of each day, with story time and books readily accessible.
We are learning to count and recognize our numbers; we count everything, our books, our blocks, our friends. We are working on our small motor skills as we practice stringing beads, doing puzzles, and lacing up our Lacing Bears. The children reach many milestones in the Blue Room. We have our own little toilet and sink that is just the right size. Sensitive staff with the support of the parents, work with each child individually toward this great achievement . . . "POTTY LEARNING!" Our toddlers follow the same theme as the Big Kids in the Green Room - stories, crafts, and activities incorporate the theme of the week. At the end of each day your child’s daily activities are posted along with a nap chart.

Age: 18 months to 3 years

Cost: The cost for childcare is based upon the room in which your child is enrolled. A fee schedule is available upon request.